Terbit Riansyah (born in 1989), known as Ryan, is a website designer originally from Makassar. Since 2013, he has resided in Denpasar, Bali, Indonesia.

Ryan’s educational foundation is grounded in Computer Science, complemented by a profound understanding of design and visual aesthetics.

Beyond his professional experiences, Ryan’s unwavering passion for music has been a lifelong pursuit, dating back to 2007. His dedication to the music scene culminated in the establishment of the “Music for Brighter Day” (MFBD) movement in 2010, a prominent platform for indie musicians in Indonesia. His musical endeavors have also led him to attend international music festivals in Indonesia and overseas, including Soundrenaline, Joyland, and most notably, the Fuji Rock Festival in Japan in 2023. Additionally, he has a strong affinity for film, particularly Japanese cinema, and has attended the Tokyo International Festival in 2022.

With a background in tech, music, and film, Ryan brings a unique creative perspective to his role as a web designer. Over the years, he has engaged in a diverse array of website projects, collaborating with esteemed companies. In 2017, he elevated his passion to new heights by founding the digital agency “Bali Spotlight.”

His portfolio extends across borders, as he has crafted websites not only for Indonesian companies but also for those in Europe, Australia, and the United States.

Ryan’s website designs are characterized by elegant simplicity, modern aesthetics, and user-friendly interfaces. His signature lies in his unwavering dedication to understanding the vision and objectives of his clients, ensuring that each website he creates is a true reflection of their distinctive identity.

In the realm of web design, Ryan stands as a trusted luminary, ready to transform your digital aspirations into tangible reality. Connect with him to explore the boundless potential of enhancing your online presence.